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The Lickhill Herd
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Sheep for Sale
Ewes, rams and lambs are for sale from our pedigree Jacob flock and our Texels
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Jacob sheep.
Jacob sheep are an ideal breed for both large and small flock masters and possess many features and benefits.
      Good Mothering Qualities:
      Hardy & Long-Lived:
      Carcass Quality & Flavour:
      Wool & Skin:
                                                  (Jacob Sheep Society)

Texel Sheep.
The British Texel is a medium sized sheep with a long rectangular body, well proportioned with a level back and medium bone structure. The Texel is hardy, tough and docile. Ewes are frugal and proven to excel in grass-based rearing systems. Lambs are famously vigorous at birth with a great will to survive
We are very proud of our prize winning flocks of pedigree Jacob and Texel sheep. Our rams, sheep and youngstock are consistently in the prizes during the summer showing season. We take great care with our breeding selection as we aim to achieve high quality across our Jacob and Texel flocks
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