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The Lickhill Herd
of Pedigree Livestock
Woodgreen Farm
1 Lickhill Road North
DY13 8RW
Kay 07771 511445
Sean 07770 402970
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Please have a look round our website to find out more about us. Nothing beats personal contact though, so please feel free to contact us for further information and we will answer any queries you have. Better still, come and visit us to see for yourself!

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Beef and Lamb
Our farm reared, grass fed, beef and lamb is sold to customers directly from the farm and at local farmers markets
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We also sell outdoor reared pork which meets high welfare standards
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Our beef is hung for 21 days and our lamb is hung for 14. This ensures your meat reaches you tender and full of flavour just ready for you to cook
Our butcher prepares the usual range of joints and cuts of meat. If you are looking for something special we can always arrange to have it cut for you but we usually need advance notice
We sell anything from a single burger upwards - no need to buy in bulk - although there are good discounts for larger orders
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Rose Veal
New: Welfare friendly veal is also known as "Rose Veal" because of its pink colouring. Put simply veal is young beef making it extremely tender.
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